Dales Pony Society of America

Awards Program


2018 Pilot Program

DPSA Year End Achievement Awards

Committee Members: Kelly D. Chou, Shuna Cerrato, Adrienne Grasso

The DPSA hopes to encourage its Membership to participate in a variety of activities with their Dales Ponies. The Year End Achievement Awards Program is one way to meet this objective. The program is designed to accrue points over a calendar year. Points will be calculated and awards provided by February the following year.

To participate in the program, the applicant (pony owner or lessee) must be a DPSA Member in good standing and the enrolled pony must be registered with the DPSA; ponies double registered with the DPS are welcome. An enrollment form will be provided on the “Fees and Forms” page of the Web site once we officially launch the program.

Exhibitors (riders, drivers, handlers) do NOT have to be DPSA Members for the enrolled pony to accrue points in the program.

There will be two programs:

  1. Mountain and Moorland (M&M) Pony Show Achievement Awards

  2. Competition Achievement Awards (e.g., halter, combined driving events, pleasure driving shows, dressage competitions, hunter/jumper shows, trail riding, Pony Club, Equine Affair, Horse Expo participation, etc.)

For points to count for the M&M Pony Show program and for most disciplines, applicants will need to have a Show Secretary or Program Leader (e.g., for Pony Club) complete and sign the official show form (provided by the DPSA) stating the classes/competitions the pony participated in and associated placings or scores. For public expositions like parades, Horse Expos, Equine Affair and trail riding, the program will run on the honor system, at least to start.

To enroll, an applicant (owner or lessee) will need to fill out an application and send in the $35 fee which covers either the M&M Pony Show program or a single discipline from the Competition Awards Program. If you want to compete in two or more disciplines (e.g., dressage and CDE’s; or M&M shows and trail riding) you will need to send in an application form and $35 entry fee for each discipline.

Thanks for your interest in the DPSA’s Achievement Awards Pilot Program!

M&M Awards Program - Rules and Enrollment Application

M&M Awards Program - Show Results Form

We hope to have awards programs for ponies competing in dressage and trail riding as well as public events such as expos, parades, and exhibitions (Handy Pony) in 2019.